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999 Medical & Diagnostic Centre allows patients to access “one-stop shop” medical services via a unique partnership of local clinicians working alongside specialist providers of medical support services.

  • Private GP
  • Private Consultants
  • Diagnostic Outpatient Centre

The centre is constantly increasing the wide range of services we offer, from a cardiology department and Well Woman Centre to the very best psychiatric care. Its continuing success is based on the extensive medical care available, where patients are looked after every step of the way; from the initial diagnosis, throughout the treatment and on to a full aftercare service.

Acupuncture Gaya Baschan
Acupuncture Karin Gillerman
Addiction (General Adults) Michelle Wolff
Cardiologist David Brull
Cardiologist Roby Rakhit
Child Psychologist Caroline Webber
Child/Adult Psychiatrist Lisa Racussen
Counsellor Psychotherapist Sarabeth Morrison
CBT Hypnotherapist and Nutrition Moya Layton
Counsellor Lisa Steele
Counsellor Mikki Hilderbrand
Dermatologist Daniel Glass
Dermatologist Natasha Kapur
Dietitian Luci Daniels
GP Eric Ansell
Nutritionist Paola Falcoski
Endocrinologist/Diab/G.Med N.Stojanovic
Audiology, Ear Wax Jason Levy
Gastroenterologist Deepak Suri
Hypnotherapy Linda Swimer
Liaison Psychiatrist Nora Turjanski
Medical Legal Alan Fox
Medical Legal Alan Pinto
Medical Legal Henry Goldin
Neurologist Bal Athwal
Neurologist Jeremy Rees
Ophthalmologist Laurence Whitefield
Osteopath Jemma Sager
Osteopath Sandy Phanor
Paediatrician Anthony Cohn
Paediatrician/Clinical Psychologist Neil Egnal
Personal Trainer Emilia Kascakova
Physiotherapist Lital Pentelka–Messeri
Podiatrist Joseph Olivelle
Psychiatrist Danny Allen
Psychiatrist Geoff Isaacs
Psychologist Sara Gilbert
Rheumatologist Michael Grayson
Rheumatologist Rapti Mediwake
Speech Therapy The Children’s Centre
Sports Medicine Colin Crosby
Urologist Barry Maraj
Well Being Woman / Yoga Ligia Cannon


Danny Allen

Email: enquiries@phoenix-mhs.com
Tel:  0870 162 0671

Dr Geoff Isaacs

Email: secretarydrgeoffisaacs@hotmail.co.uk
Tel: 07957 907618 or 020 8906 4720

Dr Lisa Racussen

Email: office@drlisaracussen.co.uk
Tel: 07518 642040
Web: www.drlisaracussen.co.uk

Naturopathic Physicians

Lisa Steele

Email: lisasteele1583@hotmail.co.uk
Tel:     07966 768623


Miki Hildebrand Counselling

Email: mikihildebrand@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 020 7724 2181


Michelle Sorrell

Email: homeopathy@michellesorrell.com
Tel: 07951 958176


Monica Hanouka Nutrition

Email: monica@monicahanouka.com
Tel: 07802824447
Web : www.monicahanouka.com


Dr Daniel Gordon GP

Email: reception@drdanielgordon.com
Tel: 07771 724 488
Web : www.doctordanielgordon.com


Dr Anthony Cohn

Email: julie cohn@hotmail.com

Tel: 07980 266610 / 07895 343523

Ear Wax Removal / Audiology

Jason Levy Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

Tel: 0800 1337987


Sandy Phanor

Email: sandyphanorosteo@gmail.com


Heather Daniels
British Dietetic Association and Health Professions Council.

Tel: 07886 419497
Web: www.expertdietadvice.com


Rupinder Chaggar

Email: rupinder55@hotmail.com
Tel: 07988726111


Dr Ben Weiner

Email: info@drbenweiner.co.uk
Tel: 0207 175 0945
Web : www.drbenweiner.co.uk


Gareth Ziyambi

Email: info@a2zelitehealth.com
Tel: 020 7637 4442


First Podiatry

Email: info@firstpodiatry.co.uk
Tel: 020 8458 1763
Web: www.firstpodiatry.co.uk

MRI CT-scan

lnHealth MRI CT-scan

Web: www.inhealthgroup.com
Tel: 0333 202 0300


Gemma Redfern psychologist

Email: gredfern@therapeuticconsultants.co.uk
Tel: 07971665001


Deborah Zeitlin Paediatric

Email: dkzeitlin1@gmail.com
Tel: 07889965094


Dr David Brull Cardiology

Email: enquiries@privatecardiologist.co.uk
Tel: 07958 430195

Child Psychology

Josh Harwood child psychology

Email: josh@harwoodchildpsychology.co.uk
Web: harwoodchildpsychology.co.uk


Amanda Daniels Physio

Email: clinic@amandadanielsphysio.com
Tel: 07716078751

Yoga / Dance

Bridget – AcroYogaDance Teacher
Tel: 07914019124

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